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FOX News
Nov 30, 2012 12:00am PST
our state pens take some friends? prisons on u.s. soil could handle detainees from guantanamo bay as long as they made sig can't -- significant operational changes. as the chairwoman diane dianne feinstein notes it demonstrates that if the political will exists we could finally close guantanamo without impairing our national security. but many issues would have to be considered if terrorists were transferred state side. among them, the physical location of the detainees could be a target for individuals and groups intent on harming the detainees or harming the personnel involved in detention operations which could result in unintended harm to the general public. for more let's go live to the national security correspondent jetski dog at guantanamo bay. >> i knew this would happen. it is not supposed to be a vacation. you are going to gitmo to do work and you spend your whole time doing this. >> they do work at gitmo. >> work is play and blai is work for jetski dog. ya, baby. >> senator feinstein says we could move the prisoners. it seems to me the report is highlighting how diffic
FOX News
Nov 10, 2012 12:00am PST
kill you with a taco. fyi, taco is what he calls a machete. next to me, u.s. army special forces member terry sapper. >> thank you, graphic. >>> he knew the broad well. on friday cia director david petraeus resigned after admitting to an affair. it was revealed that paula brodwell the fbi stumbled on to her name and was concerned petraeus was a victim or there was a security breech on brodwell's part. but according to news max given the top secret clearance and the fact he was married he monitored . amoung them discussions about sex under a desk which i can do standing up. the fbi agents expected him to resign rather than risk the possibility of being blame mailed not to mention being distracted during the libya mess. he waited until after the election. he also won't be testifying on libya next week. that is certainly convenient says a guy wearing a yellow sweater. let's focus on something else instead. >>> yes, yes, adorable. but just an hour later that puppy killed four children. terry, you are in the military or so you claim. no proof actually. >> no paperwork. >> was the resignation
FOX News
Nov 9, 2012 12:00am PST
allegedly it is now safely behind bars. thanks to the u.s. government, you will remember the protest over the innocence of muslims and after the obama administration blamed the death for americans in libya. the feds snapped into action and arrested basili for violating his pro bayousing aliases. after the prosecutor spoke about how he made the movie in a fraudulent manner and said the coolest deception actually caused real harm to people. meanwhile stunts like this go unpunished. >> another metaphor for this election. you have to hand it to the feds. the murderers don't get caught, but they find the guy and they put him away. >> was that like the new "jackass" movie. >> little boys have no brains. >> i rely on it. >> i think that was in finland or norway. >> i mean, what did the muslim do? >> this is my only problem with that. they sent him to prison, the place christians go that love muslims. they are going to treat this guy like he was a celebrity. this is obviously as you can tell, he was arrested for a parole violation which is why his face was covered. that's what you do with people
FOX News
Nov 14, 2012 12:00am PST
by a jogger. >> is that true? >> u.s. news or world report don't publish for a magazine anymore. joy one, how the hell is it still around. and something weird is going on here. >> number one, first question, i own the domain now there is a bunch of fake news people like you report. number two, there is as i said before so much more to this story. i actually believe broadwell's father who told "the daily news" trust me, hold on. other stuff is coming out. i don't know what it is, but i think it will be awesome. >> you know what is scary is if this somehow is with gary condit. >> don't even say that. >> this thing is an octopus. >> it is so great. >> it is like the 7 dries of -- degrees of what's his face? >> kevin bacon. >> and it keeps drawing in jerks. you find out one person is involved in a scheme and another person is doing this it hardens you. as long as you are a nice person. >> and every scandal needs these two in florida. what were they called? one ultimately married a guy from journey. >> you never thought they would be involved in a scandal because they were great people. >> 1 degre
FOX News
Nov 28, 2012 12:00am PST
. and if you are like me, you wonder why the u.s. blew up the moon with a nuclear bomb. it was right there. we had plenty of bombs. wait a minute. we considered it? i have to hear about this. andy? >> you will hear about this, tom. don't respond to what i just said. >> just tell me. i guess i have to wait. >> we'll tell you later. >> i am here with fox business net wore reporter -- network reporter. his latest comedy cd is called image reporter. and sitting next to me who think he's is in line to cease les-mis is john bolten. >>- q. i should we put the -- >> should we put the fair in war fair, calling the urpt c -- the current policy unconstitutional. according to the aclu attorney these regulations are, quote, outdated assumptions assumptions and stereo types about the men and women. the wars in iraq and afghanistan have pushed females to the front lines, but unlike dudes, they are not getting their due, notes the attorney. it is preventing them from getting the proper training and recognition and from using this combat experience to advance when is in the military. for more let's go live to
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)